Utilize The Wall Space at Your House

When you have limited space, you need to be more careful to maximize all space in the house including the walls. We were often underestimate the function of the wall. So we left it empty without being used. See following inspiration to utilize the walls that might work in your home.

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Wall as your storage

The need for storage will actually expanded as your family members increase. You can use the wall as additional storage. There are several ways to make it happen, from quite complicated steps to the simplest one.

The first example is to dismantle the wall. You can dismantle the wall and attach the cupboard inside. This requires a renovation that is quite complicated and will required carpenter help. but the results will be very satisfying.

The second is attaching a cupboard or shelves to the wall. There are several choices of cabinets or shelves that are specifically for the wall so that the manufacturer already has a hook on the wall. So before buying make sure the hook is already in the furniture that you bought. If it’s not there, you need to prepare it before starting to stick to the wall.

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Wall as a memory lane

If you and your family love to travel and taking a picture, wall is a good space for displaying your travel moment. You can also displaying precious moments photo such as birthday, graduation day and so on. By arranging the frames you can fill whole wall with memories.

Along with increasing moments with family, this area will be a favorite place to reminisce best moments when all family member are together.

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Wall as art exhibition

If you are an art lover, you definitely want to have one or two pieces of art to display at home. If there is one side of an empty house, what can you do to become a mini exhibition area to collect your artwork. How to arrange it can adjust the size or type of work you have.

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Wall as a green area

Greening can also be done inside the house. You can fill an empty wall with a variety of ornamental plants in pots to provide additional green areas inside the house. Make sure the plants you use are durable and easy to care for. You can consider using succulent like cactus for your green wall area inside the house.

How, from the four inspiration above, which one would you make? Start deciding which property you will buy first, type D the Riviera at Puri or Apartment The Crest West Vista. After that, you can be creative with a blank wall on your chosen property. Complete information about the house at The Riviera at Puri or the Crest West Vista apartment can contact +021 29030700

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